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working canada fishing guideWelcome to the Canada Fishing Guides webpage.

Your source for locating expert, knowledgeable Freshwater Guides, Saltwater Charter Guides & Fly Fishing Guides in the provinces of Canada.

Known for their expertise in putting their clients on fish, Canada fishing guides provide a quality fishing adventure package.

When you book a fishing charter in Canada you can rest assured that:

Canada, known worldwide as one of the top sportfishing destinations earned the reputation with help from its guides. 

Every year thousands of anglers enter Canada to fish their favorite species. 

Consequently, a large number of them hire fishing guides or purchase charter packages therefore increasing their chances of success.

In a 2015 survey, over 596,100 trips were made to Canada for recreational fishing by Canadian non-resident and foreign anglers.

Foreign anglers fished for a total of 7 days on average while Canadian non-resident anglers fished 8 days.

The most targeted species of freshwater fish in Canada was Walleye, Trout, Pike, Perch and Bass.

Freshwater Lakes Canada Fishing Guides Have At Their Disposal

There are approximately 2 million freshwater lakes in Canada for anglers to choose from.

160 freshwater species of fish reside in these lakes providing an opportunity for successful angling.

A large number of these freshwater lakes are accessible by road.

As a result it becomes easier for your Canada fishing guides to take you to them in comfort.

An option for lakes not accessible by road is by float plane or hiking into them.

Many of Canada's lakes form a chain which makes it a great canoe portage adventure. 

Subsequently providing excellent fishing opportunities along the way.

Canada can lay claim to 14% of the worlds freshwater lakes that cover 500 square kilometers.

Check out this list of freshwater lakes over 400 sq km in Canada.

Saltwater Opportunities Canada Fishing Guides Provide

Canada also has the longest coastline in the world covering 243 thousand kilometers on three oceans.

Canada fishing guides provide some of the world's best saltwater fishing adventures.halibut charter by a Canada fishing guide

There are 1178 different species of fish residing in Canadian oceans for anglers to target when regulations permit.

Two of the most popular charter packages consist of halibut and salmon.

This holds true on both the east coast and west coast of Canada.

Saltwater fishing guides usually run larger boats on the open ocean.

As a result, they can accommodate between 4-6 anglers comfortably.

Some specialty companies offer group charters with a larger vessel that accommodates up to 20 anglers.

No matter which side of the country you choose to fish, saltwater Canada fishing guides provide the best experience.

So what are you waiting for? 

Pick the area and species you want to fish and choose your guide!

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